Saving messages from over there to here. Context not needed? This is still about Free Will and a follow up to the previous post.

It literally bogs down to this:

We live in a world of absolute illusion, but the illusion is recognized as illusory only when you are able cross the boundary and look back. Same as when you wake from a dream and declare you had a dream, but couldn’t tell it was so while dreaming. If the boundary cannot be crossed, then the illusion becomes truth.

This because a truth is relative to a context, and we have an Absolute Truth only as a theoretical, metaphysical abstraction.

Pulling the ladder up after ye. How do you know you’re dealing with an illusion then, if the only way to see such is to cross the boundary and look back? Especially when it’s an absolute illusion, as you say?

…There is such a thing as agnosticism?

I postulated the illusion to show you it makes no difference. But we cannot know if it’s an illusion or not. YOU DON’T KNOW.

It both IS an illusion, but don’t question it because you can’t question it because you can only see an illusion from the outside.

Not it’s NOT an illusion. It MIGHT be one, but you don’t know. Alright?

You can question it, but you cannot have an answer (for the link: scroll to point 36).

And so the result is one of relative truth. A truth that is true as long its context is valid. And being THIS context permanent, I say, the relative truth is all we have, since we cannot achieve a deeper one, EVEN if it MIGHT exist.

So, this MIGHT all be illusory, but since we’ll never know, for us the relative truth becomes an absolute one.

For some god-like entity that has crossed the boundary and looks back to us, we would look like zombies living an illusory life, but as long you don’t believe we GET TO BECOME god-like then this higher existence is only an abstract possibility, not something that is part of our life, and so part of our relative truth.

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