This kind of stuff goes automatically in my immediate (when/if is out) to-buy list:

Comics legend Alan Moore has finished the first draft of his second novel, Jerusalem – and it runs to more than 1m words.

has been working on Jerusalem since 2008.

It focuses on a small area – half a square mile across – of the town where he grew up, Northampton, and explores its history through stories from his family’s past, Moore’s take on historical events, and of course fantasy. “Any editor worth their salt would tell me to cut two-thirds of this book but that’s not going to happen.

as long as I get my huge, cripplingly heavy book to put on my shelf and gloat over, I’ll be happy.

a section will feature his brother’s adventures in the fourth dimension, while the “middle bit” is “a savage, hallucinating Enid Blyton”.

there is also a “Lucia Joyce chapter, which is completely incomprehensible … all written in a completely invented sub-Joycean text”, a chapter in the form of a Samuel Beckett play, because the author once visited the town to play cricket, “a noir crime narrative based upon the Northampton pastor James Hervey, whom I believe was the father of the entire Gothic movement”, and “a combination of the ghost story and the drug narrative”.

“I am currently on the last official chapter,” he told the Guardian late last year, “which I am doing somewhat in the style of Dos Passos.

There is no word yet on an official release date for the book, and Comics Beat reports that it has not yet got a publisher

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