The two at the top arrived this week and now I have to decide which one will keep me busy while I wait for The Forge of Darkness. Skimming through The Devil Delivered (containing also “Revolvo” and “Fishin’ with Grandma Matchie”) made me think it could be another of those “minor” works that amaze me even more than the main courses.

I like the cover of this one too. This slitted view of some landscape. It’s a good metaphor for writing, as a world that is filtered, remade into discrete bits, and the perception of it that creates the illusion of the whole…

The blog has been mostly dead because it’s hot where I have my computer, so I stay away most of the time and don’t feel like typing stuff. I’m also planning to start (maybe) a little side project, that will require me to read another “epic” of 1200 pages. Though it’s not what you think.

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