Heat is defeating all my attempts at making my brain work and write about something interesting. So I watch lightweight TV series (Bunheads is fantastic) and play roguelikes (ADOM, Cataclysm, though the best reputation goes to Crawl), and the Goldbox Megacampaign.

Since I was reading some review of the anime movie of Berserk, I looked up the wikipedia to see if the manga made some progress (it really didn’t) and noticed an old chapter that was removed from the main series titled “God of the Abyss (2)”. It was described as a mythological/cosmological chapter, so quite interesting.

I was able to find it here. The cues should be obvious. It seems everyone loves Jung’s Collective Consciousness. And extremely connected with both the interpretation of the Malazan mythology, as well as ours (as in: “The Wayward Mind” the book I’ve mentioned so many times). This one is obviously a rather simplistic take, but interesting nonetheless. I thought the idea of the heart in the whirlpool of consciousness is a fitting image. Follow the link for the rest.

There are also some interesting interpretations (give it a look even if you never heard of the manga):

“Conscious consent means little to me when you’re dealing with cosmic affairs on a mass scale since the conscious mind is only a tiny fraction of the total being. If the majority of the self (the sub- and un-conscious) gave consent, that’s consent to me.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if the world humans wished into existence is nice, or happy, or dangerous. The only thing that matters to me is that they got what they wanted, and can use the same mechanism to change it as they did to create it. … it’s a marvelous self-adjusting system.”

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