Pointing out this review of the Cyclonopedia.

Not a Battlestar Galactica sourcebook but a pseudoscience book that mixes all sort of absurd ideas. Something that usually gets my curiosity but in this case there’s nothing that seems really serious or reaching for an actual truth.

More about mystification than struggling to look under the surface.

But it’s not the review of book itself that got my attention here, it’s the deconstruction of Lovecraft. This in particular:

One of the more common plot devices to feature in the works of Lovecraft is an explosive confrontation between the world-as-humans-understand-it and the world-as-it-really-is (i.e. how it is understood by the Cthuloid entities and their various agents). This confrontation generally involves some white middle-class academic having his world shaken to the core by the realisation that some books of ancient lore and the ravings of some natives actually contain a good deal more truth than the myths concocted by him and members of his intellectual community. The Ur-text for Lovecraft’s intellectual inversion is the fictional grimoire known as the Necronomicon.


Indeed, part of what drives Lovecraft’s characters insane is the realisation that not only the falsity of everything their believed to be true but also the truth of many things they assumed to be false. Their insanity is the product of their emotional and philosophical investment in the existence of a hard line between truth and falsity. However, from the likes of Foucault onwards, postmodern Theorists have sought to undermine this belief by stressing the social construction of our received truths.

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